DJ Games

I don't usually use games, but if you are the type of DJ who likes to be an entertainer as well as straight DJ, or if you are looking for ideas to get a quiet dance floor going here's a few games that can work well…


Snowball Dance

Start with a couple dancing on their own, then you prompt them to go and get two more couples from the audience to join them on the dance floor.  After a short while stop the music and ask all of those on the dance floor to do the same.  Repeat until full!


Dance Off

Pitching boys against girls is a good way of injecting energy into a dance floor and can be great fun for everyone to watch too.  One good method:

Girls dance to a mega girly hit

Boys dance to a typically macho tune.

Then flipping it can be good, girls dance to a clasically boy tune and vice versa.

Do whatever will get most impact and keep a running commentary going to encourage those taking part before deciding in the winners.


Freeze Dance A

Simple knockout freeze dance, stop the music and everyone should freeze


Freeze Dance B

Get the dancing started to a long song ideally (e.g. vogue by Madonna is good).  After a while let them know that you will be calling out certain prompts for the dancers to do when the music stops.  For example "OK, when I next stop the music I want you to freeze right where you are and give someone else on the dance floor the sexiest smile ever, wait for me to say Sexiest Smile".  Do it, check out the smiles and say the next freeze will be ugliest face.  Some ideas:

Scariest face.

Widest open mouth.

Highest stretch to the sky.

Best standing on one leg pose.

Freeze and waggle your ears.

Best gorilla impression.

Smoothest pose.

Best axe wielding maniac pose.

Best chat up smile.


Longest married dance

Preferably select a slow and romantic song guests of all ages will be happy to dance to.  Ask all the married couples in the room on to the dance floor (to join the bride and groom?).  During the dance stop the music and ask those couples who have been married less than 2 years to leave the dance floor.  Then do for less than 5 years and work up until you find the couple left who gave been married the longest.  It can be a nice touch to congratulate them with a round of applause, or reward them with say flower or wine.



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