Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us special?

For us creating the perfect party is all about wowing your guests and over-delivering.  Our DJ booth centrepiece is custom designed and hand built to a high specification, to look fantastic in any venue and setting.  Its solid oak wood sides surround a polished black centre into which is embedded 1000 tiny LEDs.   These are controlled using professional video wall software to display stunning effects and graphics as the night progresses, ensuring your dance floor is enticing and exciting.  Our sound system is carefully selected to provide a rich, warm and powerful vibe for your event and we trim it perfectly to suit each venue and any particular audio oddities it may have.  Added to this is a truly impressive array of nightclub specification lighting equipment, carefully programmed to work in perfect harmony with the music.  We’re not trying to be the cheapest party DJ’s out there (or the most expensive), but we certainly are trying to be the most impressive and fun!

How much space is needed?

The Freak Out sound and lighting rig is designed to look big when the party is in full swing but is actually quite discrete and can take up very little space. It can all fit into just 2.6m x 0.9m if required, perfect for turning smaller rooms and marquees into a nightclub as well as maximizing the dance floor space in larger venues.

Can I Request Songs To Be Played?

Yes of course, we are request friendly (some DJ’s aren’t). We’ll try to play any songs you’ve requested as well as requests from your guests on the night.

What size of venue are you suitable for?

The lighting rig and PA work really well for everything from small gatherings to large dance floors of up to around 200 people.

What sort of sound system do you use?

Nothing is more important than the sound when it comes to creating the perfect dance floor party but it’s amazing how many mobile party DJ’s out there use horrible fairground speakers or cheap and nasty imitations. We want your guests to remember a night of truly great music so we use industry leading Mackie SRM450 speakers, as there is simply no other professional speaker system that beats them in their class for perfect dance floor sound quality and distortion free power when it’s needed.  However dance floors also often call for a certain amount of that lovely thud in your chest which only a large sub can produce, so we also carry the Mackie SRM1801 active sub-woofer for truly amazing bass even in larger venues. This system is capable of kicking out up to 1800W of very high quality sound, be it perfect crystal clear tunes or chest thumping power depending on the requirements of your party.

Are there any restrictions on the use of your laser?

Our light show features a full colour high power RGB laser which we can use to give really impressive nightclub effects for your event. The use of the laser relies on two things you need to be aware of when booking:

1. There must be sufficient height above people on the dance floor where the laser can operate without projecting into peoples faces (specifically, their eyes). If there is not at least 2 feet of height above people on the dance floor, or if the laser operating in this area can potentially project into peoples faces (e.g. through windows to outside of the venue), or if this area contains highly reflective objects that can reflect the laser beams down into peoples faces I’m afraid we won’t be able to use the laser for your event.

2. Our haze machine is needed to provide the laser beam effect. The laser beams won’t show up in the air if we can’t use the machine to create a very slight mist/haze effect in the air in your venue. The laser can still be used to project cool effects onto the ceiling or walls if there is sufficient height above people on the dance floor, but the impressive laser beams in the air effect won’t be visible.

How much time do you need to setup and load out?

We will arrive 1.5 hours before your booking start time to set-up.  We need up to an hour after your booking end time to take everything back down and load out.

Do you have a microphone we can use?

We have a hand held radio microphone which may be used for speeches, announcements, etc.

Do you really carry backup equipment?

Our PA speakers each have their own built in amplifiers so in the very unlikely event any should ever fail the others can simply be turned up to cover it. We carry a backup to the decks themselves and a backup lighting desk so, short of there being a power cut, whatever happens your dance floor will always be a success.

Are you insured?

We have £10 million combined public and products liability insurance.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

PAT testing is an electrical test required periodically and your venue may require evidence of this. Yes all equipment is PAT tested and we can provide documentation for venues which require this.