Costs to put on a small event in the UK

I've been involved with putting on charity disco events and here's a head's up on the main costs involved (last updated 2014):

Temporary Event Notice

Playing of recorded music at an event where tickets are sold is classed as regulated entertainment.  Contact your council licensing dept for details.  In our case a £21 application fee with copies of the notice needing to be sent to the council licensing dept, council environmental health dept (noise control) and local the police authority for their approval of the event.

Sale of alcohol

Contact your council licensing dept.  May be covered by the temporary event notice.

Public Liability cover

You MUST have this to ensure you are covered if any guest gets hurt at the event. charge £48 for up to 150 people.

Employers liability cover

Optional but any staff you have at the event (including volunteers) are likely not covered by public liability insurance.  To cover them you need to add employers liability cover. charge around £50 extra for this.

Venue Hire

The cost to hire your hall etc.


Poster and ticket printing. offer low prices for this.  Disposable custom printed wrist bands offer a good solution to ticketing if guests will be allowed to leave and re-enter.

PRS and PPL licenses

Required if an entrance fee is charged.  See here.