DJing and music funny stuff!

thunderstorms: nature's rave
I'll only jump in the mosh pit if Come on Eileen is playing
No, I don’t need a defibrillator, I was dancing
On the bright side, people haven’t been able to do the macarena at weddings, so thank u covid
I fear Rick Astley has finally abandoned us.
In 1992 I went on the record and was barred from HMV.
The last time I danced like nobody was watching, someone stabbed me with an EpiPen.
In case of emergency, break dance
Everyone thinks the music they grew up with is the best but they’re dead wrong because not everyone grew up in the 70s and 80s.
As the great philosopher Shania Twain once said.

You don’t impress me much.
If you find that you've stopped playing your music then something isn't right in your life .. correct it
music has
always been
the secret
to my soul

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