Customising Controls

Using the four remix slot play buttons as Hotcue 5-8

'Preferences' > 'Tracktor Kontrol S4' > 'Sample Play Buttons' set to 'Hotcue 5-8'

Re-assigning Control Functions

Preferences > Controller Manager > Device = Traktor.Kontrol S4MK2

‚ÄčThe assignment table lists any new assignments you have made (i.e. deviations from the default)

Use the 'Add In…' and 'Add Out…' buttons to add a new input (button or knob) or output (indicator)

Select the operation function you want to the control to perform

Then in 'Device Mapping' select the control or select 'Learn' and touch the control.

If you want a special modifier – i.e. only when a button is held then add in a new 'Modifier'.  This modifier can then be used when adding other special controls. 

Set the interaction mode – e.g. 'Hold' for press and hold button for modifier to be active

Set the button options 'Set to value'

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